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Is there nothing more refreshing than seven-consecutive hours of sleep over a period of twenty-four hours?! Anything. Sometimes working overtime is better. But hey, that's the sacrifice we developers and enthusiasts make.

To make a game over the course of two and a half days is a great challenge, but we're excited to share with you Sam's Adventure! All nice, shiny, and new- and available for you to experience right here [the link is up here and on our games page].

Sincerely, Mitch, Bre, Alex, and Ken.

What is to come of our current projects?

After a couple weeks of consideration, we (just Mitch & I) have decided that with Believe will have a multiplayer plat-form. This will be a wonderful and difficult part of the redesign. Considering the three other projects that we're in-between on, we're still on track to hit those releases! 

It isn't always easy, but hey, aside from minor hiccups, production is coming along quite nicely.

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