Global Game Jam 2017

Sam's Adventure

      Sam's Adventure is a friendly "wave at your neighbors" simulator, with occasional challenges and score-keeping. This game was made within the time-limit of 48 hours.

Diversifier: A lovely spacebar-only game

*Also features the wonderful Utah mountains

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Wandering Souls


Wandering Souls, currently in production, is an exploration game exclusively designed for HTC Vive virtual reality. The game takes place in a small, mountainous area which the player can experience first-hand. After starting the game, a number of astrological and environmental options arise, inviting the player to interact with their surroundings. When the player achieves a level of success, they are given the opportunity to reach out and interact with other players as well.
The game will be available late summer of 2017

A Blind Experiment


A Blind Experiment, currently in production, is a story based game exclusively designed for the HTC Vive Virtual Reality. The game is an interactive experience that lasts the duration of twenty to forty minutes. While the game does take place in Virtual Reality, the player will find themselves in heart-wrenching circumstances where, as the character, the player is left with impaired sight. As the player follows the story-line, they are faced with small obstacles that are meant to bring a greater awareness to the challenges that others face.


The game will be available late summer of 2017


Believe, currently in production, is a thriller story based game designed exclusively for the HTC Vive Virtual Reality. The game is an interactive experience in which the player sees the outcome of events, and can play as the three main characters. This psychological thriller is meant to bring awareness to the player's surroundings, and to demonstrate the contrast between the character's lives. Throughout the game the player will find themselves conflicted, their choices unsure, and their sincerest beliefs questioned. 
The game will be available in the available late fall of 2017

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