About Our Studio

Gyge independent game development studio... Well, its a mouthful. Of words. So that's the only time I'll say it. Our studio is focused greatly on making quality games with depth in characters, story lines, and atmosphere- and the proof is the work. We work full time to bring these games to Steam, and to our players.


So how did we get started?  Mitch, the head of Gyge Studios, programmer, game designer, art, (everything), started school for an animation degree. Shortly afterwards he looked into game design and got hooked on the idea of it. He participated in the Utah Game Jam, Indie Speed Run,and Global Game Jam while working on his own project, Believe. Over the course of the last couple years he has created Bag of Secrets, Ocean Commotion, Boss Battles, and Believe Prologue; all of which were involved in competitions. In 2015 his Bag of Secrets mini-game was nominated for the Best 3D Art at the Indie Speed Run, and placed in the top ten. Meanwhile, Believe had been accepted by the Steam Store.
Mid-2015 he met Bre, who had been studying for an art degree. Shortly after meeting they had re-examined Believe together and discussed new ideas and concepts for the game. After securing her role through marriage, Bre was officially on board. She now holds the role for art and asset design, animation, and story writing, (everything else) at Gyge Studios.  Bre has participated in the Global Game Jam and helped produce the game Ocean Commotion, and co-edited the story line for Believe.


Over the course of 2015 Believe was evaluated and re-examined at GDC in Los Angeles, and had taken a major design adjustment. The story line was completely re-written, the world drastically changed, and the name of the game, too, was replaced. Though still underway, the game is to be released- along with another- for Virtual Reality late 2016.
At the present time, Gyge Studios main focus is Virtual Reality gaming. With the support of family and friends,
the HTC Vive console, and our players, we've been able to works towards better gaming experiences that we are
excited to share with you.
We're committed to bringing you the best gaming experiences- please share your feedback!